16 May 2018

Climate Psychology Alliance

Those of you interested in the wider psychology of climate change may be interested in some upcoming events in the UK and in some publications.

The Climate Psychology Alliance Annual Conference "Climate Psychology, Children, Young People and Education" on Saturday June 9th 2018 in London looks like being a very good event and is open to non-members as well as members. There's an impressive line-up of speakers and workshop leaders, including Carbon Conversations stalwart Rebecca Nestor. Details here. It is followed by a day workshop on June 10th on "The Anthropocene in stories, symbols and the creative imagination" with Sally Gillespie and Johnathon Marshall. More information here

Rosemary Randall is speaking at a number of public events and workshops

at the moment. She ran a very well received workshop 'Talking successfully about climate change' at Glasgow School of Art for CPA Scotland (report here) and will be at Oxford University on May 22nd for one of their Grand Challenges Seminars, as one of a panel speaking on the subject "Individual lifestyle changes are no longer sufficient to tackle climate change".

A paper based on her research with Paul Hoggett in which they looked at the capacity of climate scientists and climate activists to deal psychologically with the knowledge of climate change has also just come out in the journal Environmental Values. You can find the full article here and a blog post about it here. Contact Rosemary directly if you want to read the full article but can't access it.

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