06 April 2019

Climate, Psychology, Conversation

Rosemary Randall was very pleased to be invited to deliver one of the lectures in this year’s Cambridge Climate Lecture Series.

She says "It was a big departure for CCLS to include something other than science in the series and I was delighted to be made so welcome." The title was ‘Climate, Psychology, Conversation: the unconscious dynamics of how we talk about climate change’. You can view the lecture here.
The talk draws on the material in the chapter "Talking with Friends, Family and Colleagues" from In Time for Tomorrow" (Chapter 6 or Chapter 3  of the international carbon conversations handbook; both still available to download) as well as recent research and writing.
 Rosemary also ran a related workshop for local Sixth-Formers called ‘Finding your Voice’ about climate change.
She is hoping she can offer both these workshops to more audiences in the future. See her blog for more information and news of more of Rosemary's activities

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