15 March 2017

New Website

Welcome to the new Carbon Conversations website.

The Surefoot Effect CIC has given up management of the Carbon Conversations project, along with responsibility for publishing the materials and running the website, carbonconversations.org.
We have created these new pages, primarily to make the materials available. This site does not have the mechanics for managing groups nor any login for users. It will replace the existing pages in a few days. (Since July 2017, the old pages are no longer available.)

The Carbon Conversations materials are being re-issued under a Creative Commons Licence and will be freely available for download from the new website, in a few days. While stocks last, hard copies of the materials will be available to facilitators at discounted prices via www.surefoot-effect.com.   Remaindered copies of In Time for Tomorrow?’ are available both from Surefoot and here.

The Carbon Conversations project started in 2006. There are still some successful groups being run in the UK and the materials and methods are being adapted around the world.  We will not be updating the materials any further (the most recent update was completed in 2014 for the 2015 publication of 'In Time for Tomorrow') and although the psycho-social approach and the type of group work that we pioneered is still relevant it needs to be adapted to people's changing needs and the current political climate. We hope that the common experience of everyone who has participated in the project will continue to inform their work on climate change and that the methods and materials will prove a departure point for more interesting projects.

We hope the other pages here will answer queries about the changes and the use of the materials. We may find the time to extend this information and list organisations who are using Carbon Conversations and their activities. Please email us, if you have queries or would like us to post something about your use of Carbon Conversations, but please be tolerant if we are slow to reply!

[ This page was edited in July 2017 to provide clarity about dates and to remove out of date links.]