Tuesday, 7 April 2020


Manu Busschots of Klimaat Gesprekken talks to Rosemary Randall about corona times, climate action and the heart of carbon conversations.


Sunday, 2 February 2020


A new novel from CC founder Rosemary Randall
It’s set in 2009, a period of intense climate activity and we hope that its twin themes of climate protest and psychotherapy might appeal to readers of this blog.

It's 2009 and in the aftermath of the financial crash, critical climate talks are heading for meltdown. Nineteen year old Clara Fortune steps from adolescence into a life of climate protest. Simultaneously her father Thomas breaks one of the sacrosanct boundaries of his profession. As Thomas's colleague Esther Dunn struggles desperately to dissuade him, her son Felix draws Clara deeper into the world of radical climate action. Esther, haunted by the transgressions and losses of her own past and distracted by Felix's entanglement with both Clara and with increasingly daring protest, finds the situation slipping beyond her control.
What does it mean to break the rules? Of nature? Of society? Of one's faith? Of one's profession? In a rapidly heating world, this psychologically astute tale raises questions for us all.

It's available from Amazon , 
£2.50 for the Kindle edition, £6.99 for the paperback. 

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Zero Carbon Britain

Centre for Alternative Technology
Released in December 2019, Zero Carbon Britain: Rising to the Climate Emergency from the Centre for Alternative Technology is a significant update on the 2013 ZCB report used extensively in In Time for Tomorrow?

Building on the groundwork laid by the Zero Carbon Britain project over the last 12 years, this report incorporates the very latest developments in science and technology to show that we can create a zero carbon Britain using only proven technology.
This report shows a positive, technically feasible scenario that aims to stimulate debate and catalyse action across all areas of society.

Down load the full report.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Climate Distress

As more people are learning about the climate crisis and becoming involved in action for change, we are meeting more and more people who are distressed and anxious about the future. Rosemary Randall has been speaking about the issue and has recently been interviewed  by Joshi Gottlieb at Ecosia. Listen to it here.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Success in the Netherlands

Manu from Klimaatgesprekken in the Netherlands sends us news.
"Recently we have had our 1.000 th participant enlisting for our carbon conversations workshops. We are currently active in more than 50 places in Holland with over a 100 facilitators.
We are also contributing to the public debate and awareness by pointing out to the importance of psychology and a holistic/realistic human approach.
We have received a lot of media opportunities, enough for the media to really see us as one of the organizations they call whenever they want to do something ‘about the climate, and human behaviour’. I am personally proud that we introduced a few words in Holland that play a role in understanding and sharing and acknowledging. For example the debate was always about the ‘energy transition’ and we consistently started using ’the climate transition’ (from an understanding that it’s also about  food, travel, consumption, etc). We also introduced ’klimaatspagaat’ which means the dilemma people face when they have to desires that conflict. They both want to do something (reduce climate  impact), but also have difficulty facing up to that choice. 
We also moved from ‘facilitator’ to ‘groupcoach’ in the early stages, to ‘climate coaches’ now, which seems to become a role now that now gets recognized in government policy: a lot of the changes that are needed will have to Be done by people and just like you can have ‘mechanics’ ‘engineers’ in the climate transition, there is a growing awareness that we will need climate coaches. "

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Climate, Psychology, Conversation

Rosemary Randall was very pleased to be invited to deliver one of the lectures in this year’s Cambridge Climate Lecture Series.

She says "It was a big departure for CCLS to include something other than science in the series and I was delighted to be made so welcome." The title was ‘Climate, Psychology, Conversation: the unconscious dynamics of how we talk about climate change’. You can view the lecture here.
The talk draws on the material in the chapter "Talking with Friends, Family and Colleagues" from In Time for Tomorrow" (Chapter 6 or Chapter 3  of the international carbon conversations handbook; both still available to download) as well as recent research and writing.
 Rosemary also ran a related workshop for local Sixth-Formers called ‘Finding your Voice’ about climate change.
She is hoping she can offer both these workshops to more audiences in the future. See her blog for more information and news of more of Rosemary's activities

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Morgen begint nu

"In Time for Tomorrow" comes out in Dutch.

Manu from KlimaatGesprekken says
"We had the translation and new design done by 2 professionals who we were
able to pay by a local sustainability fund. We added some of the personal
stories and did some of the Dutch carbon footprint numbers and examples
by a panel of volunteer experts that we organised...
Probably about 10-15 volunteers worked on it for about a year, in several
sprints of an afternoon of co-working etc."
"The book has generated new interest and ambassadors, [and is distributed] always coupled with a workshop experience. Which, funny enough, also makes it a bit more exclusive to have."

We think it looks fantastic. KlimaatGesprekken have done an amazing job - we love the design and illustrations. Congratulations to everyone involved.

The text KlimaatGesprekken used is "ITFT international" , available on the materials section of the ClimateConversations RiseUp list website.