02 February 2020


A new novel from CC founder Rosemary Randall
It’s set in 2009, a period of intense climate activity and we hope that its twin themes of climate protest and psychotherapy might appeal to readers of this blog.

It's 2009 and in the aftermath of the financial crash, critical climate talks are heading for meltdown. Nineteen year old Clara Fortune steps from adolescence into a life of climate protest. Simultaneously her father Thomas breaks one of the sacrosanct boundaries of his profession. As Thomas's colleague Esther Dunn struggles desperately to dissuade him, her son Felix draws Clara deeper into the world of radical climate action. Esther, haunted by the transgressions and losses of her own past and distracted by Felix's entanglement with both Clara and with increasingly daring protest, finds the situation slipping beyond her control.
What does it mean to break the rules? Of nature? Of society? Of one's faith? Of one's profession? In a rapidly heating world, this psychologically astute tale raises questions for us all.

It's available from Amazon , 
£2.50 for the Kindle edition, £6.99 for the paperback. 

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