14 September 2020

Food and Climate Change without the Hot Air


Want to track the emissions from everything you eat across the day? Wondering what the latest research has to say about meat? Or maybe you’re just confused about where to begin with reducing the impact of your food.

Whatever your issue, this lovely new book from Sarah Bridle, Food and Climate Change without the Hot Air will answer your questions. She takes you through a typical day, looking at the impact of popular choices for breakfast, lunch, snacks and the evening meal, outlining their impacts and offering alternatives. Everything is backed up with numbers from the latest research and presented in easy to understand bar charts.

There won’t be any surprises here for aficionados of Carbon Conversations but what you will find is a wealth of data to buttress your convictions and a great resource for using in groups. What is even more amazing is that the e-book version is completely free, thanks to some generous support from the University of Manchester.

You should also check out the other resources Sarah has produced through the ‘Take a Bite out of Climate Change’ project. In particular her Food flashcards which can be used to play ‘Top Trumps’ or other familiar games. Again, these are all free to download.

This book is a great resource, beautifully produced and a joy to look at and handle. Thank you Sarah!

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