05 January 2019

Morgen begint nu

"In Time for Tomorrow" comes out in Dutch.

Manu from KlimaatGesprekken says
"We had the translation and new design done by 2 professionals who we were
able to pay by a local sustainability fund. We added some of the personal
stories and did some of the Dutch carbon footprint numbers and examples
by a panel of volunteer experts that we organised...
Probably about 10-15 volunteers worked on it for about a year, in several
sprints of an afternoon of co-working etc."
"The book has generated new interest and ambassadors, [and is distributed] always coupled with a workshop experience. Which, funny enough, also makes it a bit more exclusive to have."

We think it looks fantastic. KlimaatGesprekken have done an amazing job - we love the design and illustrations. Congratulations to everyone involved.

The text KlimaatGesprekken used is "ITFT international" , available on the materials section of the ClimateConversations RiseUp list website. 

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